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Lotus Petal USA is a non-profit organization in the USA that works for the well-being of those who are less fortunate women, children, and youth in India.

With more than two decades of expertise within the sector, Lotus Petal USA has created various health, education, livelihood, disaster relief, and women’s empowerment projects. This holistic approach to life is aimed at the fundamental indicators of socioeconomic improvement to create sustainability for people poor in India and has the ultimate goal of alleviating poverty.

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The team at Lotus Petal USA, a non-governmental organization in the United States, urges people to donate to help assist physically disabled individuals from the poorer groups of society. To ensure that they also receive various aids such as prostheses, walking aids, Calipers, etc., donating will aid them in living an independent and self-sufficient life. Your contribution could also be used for education since our non-profit organization in the USA provides Economic Rehabilitation Centers that provide special vocational training and more for those in need.

NGO in USA   – Lotus Petal USA

Lotus Petal USA (NGO in USA) is working hard to assist the work of the Lotus Petal Foundation, India. The Lotus Petal USA team Lotus Petal USA is constantly exploring sustainable and resourceful methods to offer an ongoing, meaningful involvement for those seeking to make a significant contribution to the lives of the marginalized. The company is focused on creating awareness and raising funds to fund the numerous programs offered through the organization’s parent in India. Through the years, Lotus Petal USA has organized galas and talks nationwide to garner momentum toward building awareness. Volunteers of all ages have had fun working in the schools operated through Lotus Petal USA during the summer in India.