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Please find creative & novel ways to volunteer your time & skills that may enrich the life of many.

Take a look at the list of activities, match your skill set or your hobby and you are set! Finding the right fit will ensure the children and you have a good time while doing good.

Thanks in advance!


Shweta Nanda

Resides in Pennsylvania & enrolled at University of Chicago

“Working at Lotus Petal Foundation India, in the year July 2019 was an exceptionally gratifying experience for me. As a volunteer within the classrooms, I loved interacting with the students especially Grade Nursery and the teachers while gaining hands-on experience. The people at Lotus Petal were extremely supportive and kind. Without them, I wouldn’t have been given this wonderful opportunity to get involved in something I deeply care about.”

Karan Chauhan

Studied at Parsippany Hills High School in Morris County

“Currently I am studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Growth and Development and Economics at Georgetown University. I volunteered at Lotus Petal from 2015-2017 every July and August during high school.Every time anyone steps into the school gates, they are greeted with smiles and an infectious sense of excitement for the future. It was incredibly special to be a part of Lotus Petal and to contribute to its vision for its students and the future in what little ways I could.”

Andria Xu

Student: Grade 10 (Homestead High School Cupertino, California)

“Tutoring students at the Lotus Petal Foundation was an incredible experience. The student I was assigned to was very respectful, eager to learn, and fun to work with. Not only did I enjoy teaching her, but I also learned a lot from her. The fact that we came from drastically different backgrounds made it an extremely unique experience and broadened my perspective of the world. My time with her was tremendously gratifying, and I am grateful to OneProsper for the rare opportunity. “

Nandika Nambiar

Student: Grade 9 (Mission San Jose High School Fremont, California)

I thoroughly enjoyed interacting and working with the students at the English Buddy program. We always had fascinating and engaging questions and conversations come up. I learned so much from the students in this program who were my Buddies. I met two wonderful people who were my Buddies through this program. Overall, the entire experience was amazing and eye-opening.

Pallavi Bomareddy

Student: Grade 11 (Basis Independent Silicon Valley San Jose, California)

“The OneProsper English Learning Buddy program allowed me to connect with two girls who attend the Lotus Petal Foundation school in India. I enjoyed how much I was able to interact with them in general and help them with their English pronunciation and reading comprehension. I also liked how I was able to learn about their lives and their interests. I could tell that they were very engaged every week, and seeing that truly made this program a great experience for me.”

Shana Ong

Junior, Convent High School, San Francisco

Through the OneProsper English Learning Buddy Program, I’ve learned that a lot of these young girls come from low-income families and are rarely given opportunities to practice their English. Many students don’t often get the chance to improve their reading and writing skills because instead of attending school, many of them spend several hours a day collecting water and helping provide for their families. Throughout the weeks I have been tutoring and volunteering with the Lotus Petal Foundation, I’ve encountered many different interactions with the young girls and I was able to help them improve their reading and writing skills through the different lesson plans provided. My experience being a part of the OneProsper English Learning Buddy Program has been so insightful in ways such as connecting with the students and getting to know about them and their interest in the tutoring sessions. I greatly enjoyed the time I spent interacting with students at the Lotus Petal Foundation, which also helped me improve my own communication skills to help others who are interested in improving their English.

Driscoll Callan

Student: Grade 11 (Convent High School, San Francisco)

“I learned about the One Prosper program through my school and I immediately signed up because of what a great opportunity it seemed to be. For 7 weeks, I was matched with Rajnandani, a grade 5 student at the Lotus Petal Foundation; together, we’d read a story and I’d help her with her English pronunciation. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as I got to meet and know Rajnandani throughout the sesions. I also appreciate how organized and efficient the moderators of each sesion were as they really made sure my Reading Buddy and I had enough time to complete our weekly task. I think everyone who has an opportunity to get engaged with One Prosper should do so, as it’s a great way to meet new people and learn new things!”

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